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Titanium Round Eyeglasses

Brand : Hagrien

Product origin : China

Titanium parts processing

1. Provide drawings: size specifications, material requirements, precision requirements, the number of processing, processing time.

2. Sample processing: reference size, reference material, design drawings, precision requirements, the number of processing, processing time.


Titanium Round Eyeglasses description

Titanium frame compared to the average metal frame, the density of small, about half a small, so the titanium mirror on the hands will feel lighter .Second: Observe the nasal stems and nose box solder joints Pure titanium material Of the weld is anaerobic touch welding, welding marks for the "step" shape; welding of alloy materials for spot welding, welding marks "slope" shape, under normal circumstances, as long as the shape of the weld can be judged. : Observe whether there is a hinge joint hinge gasket because the titanium frame in the hinge should not be titanium and titanium direct contact, or there will be wrinkled junctions, temples Zhang Chang hinders the phenomenon usually titanium mirror hinges Inlaid with two thin shims, the upper and lower hinges separated from the inside of the frame to observe the hinge joint, you will find a small groove, which is easy to remove the gasket designed. Fourth: you can use the magnet , As much as possible to loosen the hinge frame, and then use the magnet to attract, such as the mirror legs under the attraction of the magnet shaking, indicating that this frame is not pure titanium material.

Pure titanium wire (wire), TC4 nickel-state alloy wire, nickel-titanium memory alloy line, reliable quality, price concessions, even if the titanium is not easy to stretch, Hai Ge Ryan after years of research on titanium titanium wire specifications more widely.

Titanium wire specifications: φ0.1-φ12.0mm;

National standard number: TA1, TA2, TA3, TA7, TA9, TA10, TC1, TC2, TC4, TC4ELI, TC6, TC9, TC10, TC11;

US standard plate number: GR1, GR2, GR3, GR5, GR7, GR12;

Titanium wire status: annealed (M) hot working condition (R) cold working condition (Y) (annealing, ultrasonic flaw detection)

Titanium wire surface: pickling surface, shiny surface;

Titanium wire Uses: military, medical, sporting goods, glasses, earrings, headdresses, electroplating rack, wire and other industries.

Titanium wire carburizing surface treatment: titanium wire with carbon to form a higher hardness of the stable carbide. The growth of carbon layers between titanium and carbon is governed by the diffusion rate of titanium in the carbonized layers.

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