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Construction Machinery Titanium Parts Processing

Titanium parts processing

1. Provide drawings: size specifications, material requirements, precision requirements, the number of processing, processing time.

2. Sample processing: reference size, reference material, design drawings, precision requirements, the number of processing, processing time.


Construction machinery Titanium processing, machinery parts are: guide rail positioning dust-proof activities sets tail cylinder block guide block, roller, front outer side plate, rear side partition, guide strip, rail rubber, water tank guide, water separator, motor Bracket plastic partition, brake quick, screw transmission, turning bottle screw, bearings and other mechanical parts.

Titanium engineering machinery, and now engineering is also more and more applications.

Hagrien offers a range of services to help manufacturers achieve their goals

By adopting a proven approach, which we call Asset Efficiency Optimization (AEO), the Hagridien solution from Heiglian improves your asset productivity to increase productivity without adding new equipment investment, which ultimately increases your return on your assets Rate (ROA).

Heligen Hagrien services and related products can help you with material selection throughout the life of your asset, from the initial product selection to the identification, maintenance, repair and improvement.

Hagridien Hagrien provides services worldwide to help your company achieve smooth, reliable and cost-effective operations to increase profitability. We provide ultra-high performance wear plates and high-strength panels for the construction machinery market.



Titanium advantage

1. Titanium is a green product, titanium reduction fast wear and tear regeneration of 50 years will not rust, Hagrien drawn The raw materials used are from China Baoji (China titanium Valley)

2. Hardness, Titanium alloy than the strength (strength  density) is much larger than other metal structures, titanium is very strong, can withstand high pressure.

3. Good heat resistance the new titanium alloy can be long-term use at 600 ℃ or higher temperature.

4. Corrosion resistance is a very lively metal, the titanium surface to generate a dense, strong adhesion of the oxide film to protect the titanium substrate is not corroded. Even self-healing or regenerating quickly due to mechanical wear.

5. Physical Features Titanium has a metallic luster, ductility. Pure titanium, plastic greater. Has good corrosion resistance, will not be affected by the atmosphere and sea water will not rust for 50 years.

6. Heat transfer performance is good although the thermal conductivity of titanium than carbon steel and copper, titanium surface scaling can also reduce the thermal resistance, the titanium heat transfer performance significantly improved.

7. Non-magnetic, non-toxic Titanium is a non-magnetic metal, non-toxic and has good compatibility with human tissues and blood, it is used by the medical profession.

8. Uses electronics, chemicals, watches, glasses, jewelry, sporting goods, machinery and equipment, electroplating equipment, environmental protection equipment, golf balls and precision machining and other industries.

9. Titanium wire Uses military, medical, sporting goods, glasses, earrings, headdresses, electroplating rack, wire and other industries.

10. Titanium rod purposes mainly for mechanical equipment, electroplating equipment, medical, all kinds of precision machinery and other industries.

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